Our Clients

Choc Fount has served hundreds of clients throughout the UK, some which include; large established commercial firms, hotel chains and large supermarkets. From Aberdeen to London, we have served the whole of the UK. Here are just a few of our most popular clients that we have served:

"Very organised and professional. I am happy that I booked Choc Fount. Awesome guys."
Mr M. Ejaz (Director)

(No feedback)

"Choc Fount did an absolutely amazing job. I was very impressed with their service."
Mr J. Brown (Event Co-ordinator)

(No feedback)

"The guests were very happy with the food. An overall 10 out of 10 for everything!"
Mr Khan (Director)

"You did an excellent job. The guests were very happy with the food. Recommended!"
Ms I. Hunter (Director)


"Thank you for your professional and pleasant service today. I will be using you again."
Mr M. Bowyer (Senior Staff)


"No complaints for Choc Fount. Did a great job, very flexible and friendly"
Jessica (Hair Technician)


"You did a better job than expected. Thank you very much. I recommend to all!"
Stewart (Bookings Team)

(No feedback)

"Choc Fount made this a day to never forget. They did an awesome job!"
Mr. Kaat (Organiser)

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