About Choc Fount

How we started

Our main line of business was wedding decor and stage decoration. We served hundreds of weddings and had thousands of happy customers. We started to get an increasing amount of enquiries for a chocolate fountain and food catering service. Whilst we would always refer our customers to third parties, we always had a great interest in the chocolate fountains and food catering services. Soon we invested in our own chocolate fountain and thats when Choc Fount was born.

Where are we based

We are based in Birmingham. We operate from the same premesis as our parent company so you are more than welcome to py us a visit. If you want to visit us, please call us so that we can arrange an appointment.

Who runs Choc Fount

Choc Fount is wholly owned and operated by our parent company: Asian Wedding Services U.K LTD. We are owned, funded, backed and supported by our parent company. Most of our staff are also employees at our parent company.

The services we provide

We provide the following services: chocolate fountain hire, fruit displays, Ferrero Rocher displays, Gulab Jamun fountains, Cupcakes and Wedding Cakes. We have some of the best bakers in town so you are more than welcome to request a sample before you book or place an order.

How we work

We like to keep it simple: Enquiry > Quote > Book > Service. But we also like to appeal to our customers personally becuase we understand the importance of customer satisfaction and at the same time we know how difficult it can be to plan an event so we try and make it as easy as possible for the customer.

Our Team

Choc Fount has 2 senior managers, 3 supervisors and 9 attendants. We work as a team at all times and look forward to meeting new people. Please get in touch with a member of our team if you have any questions.

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